Tattoo Removal

ND YAG Laser Technology
The impact of pigment in a very short period of time, then the pigment decomposition, swallowed, removed and discharged by cells of human body. Considering abnormal pigment as a target, destroy the pigment cell selectively then resolve and discharge it on the condition that don’t destroy skin. It can remove black, blue, brown, and colorful (such as red, yellow, green) tattoo on eyebrow, eye line, lip line, and other parts of body. 

The features are obvious: 

1. Two wavelengths: 1064 nm, 532 nm

2. It adopt international new smart 6 segments segments articular arm, the exclusive

manufacturer of using this technology in China

3. High quality of pure green light, offers perfect performance。

4. Main elements such as Q Switch and polarizer are imported from international famous company, and advanced technology of laser cavity is used to produce excellent light spot modes, even light intensity, no highlighted point

5. Spot size is adjustable, with adjustable treatment probes