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The most popular freckles removal machine to spa

Add time:2017-03-15

The most popular freckles removal machine to spa


With the aging of the skin and the impact of the external environment, all kinds of spots slowly appear on the face, affecting people's figure.

There are many freckles removal products in the market, but without good treatment result and long treatment time. Since the freckles removal machine appeared in many beauty spa or clinic, there are many people go to spa to treat the freckles.


So, for beauty spa, choosing a professional and safe machine is very important. Here the Star New Tech will introduce a very professional freckles remvoal machine to you.


That is Q-switched nd yag laser machine, with professioanl technology and highly safe.

How the Q-switched nd yag remove freckle?


Mainly through the principle of photo-blasting, high-energy laser instantaneous emission to reach the spot pigment lesions, pigment lesions by the heat expansion fragmentation of smaller pigment particles, followed by a part of the body directly through the epidermis, the other part of macrophage phagocytosis With the human lymphatic circulation from the body, the spots gradually disappear, to eliminate the purpose of spots. Q-switched laser is a safe way to remove the spots, and with good result, never hurt the normal skin tissue, and no side effects.


Q-switched nd yag laser machine is best for removing freckles, age spots, sun spots, traumatic pigmentation,etc. A specific wavelength of light only by the skin corresponding to the absorption of the pigment, the skin's normal tissue will not be the slightest damage, Only for the pigmentation of the site. Short treatment time, all face only 20-30 minutes. And no recovery time and no effect daily life, being suitable for office wokers.


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