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How does Thermolift skin lift work?

Add time:2017-03-20

As the face lifting treatment become more and more popular in the market now, the HIFU has can not satisfy all the requires. So the most new advanced Thermo lift is coming out.


How does skin senescence process?

1.Mildly senescence

 It will happen at 25-30 years old, from now the skin will show out with lack of water, early wrinkles appear around mouth, eyes . So for these women, what should to do is supplement water, take more care of the skin around eye, mouth.


2.Moderate senescence

It will happen at the year 30-40, now the senescence speed will faster than before, metabolic capacity weaker and weaker , wrinkles become more and more obvious. So at this time , only maintain skin is not enough, what should take more care is anti-age and remove wrinkles,  prevent skin sagging.


3.Severe senescence

It will happen at 40-50,Skin regeneration ability weaker and weaker, the real wrinkles appear, skin

become dull, so at this time, skin care is too late, the important for anti-aging now is to activate cell activity,promote collagen regrowth, ease the speed of skin senescence.


About Thermolift

Thermo lift if the USA FDA and Medical CE and Chinese CFDA approved beauty device, the anti-aging result is very effective.Thermo lift is a focused radio frequency, it can focus all the high strength radio frequency energy, heating accurately to different depth. The treatment result can be seen after only one treatment, Now its the most advanced product for skin lifting treatment.


Shallow heating: Revitalize the skin and remove wrinkles;

Middle layer heating:Wake up the skin stretch;

Deep layer heating:Deeper pull skin.


What treatment can thermo lift machine do ?


promote the collagen and elastic fiber newborn rapidly,fix the problem of the skin sagging. Can remove the decree, raise facial lines,shaping the facial contours.


2.Skin relaxation

Thermo lift can work to the dermis accurately, mainly fix the problem of skin relaxation. Finally get the result of firming the skin,Improve fine lines,shrink pores and brighten the skin color.



Promote the fat layer fat metabolism rapidly, at the same time can work to the fat fiber, promote the promotion of the effect. Mainly fix the skin obesity problems. Finally get the result of face lift,Improve face type, remove double chin and eliminate the fat.

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