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The Notes of Laser Eyebrow Tattooing Removal

Add time:2017-03-30




We all know that eyebrows tattooing is very popular in the aesthetic line, and beautiful eyebrows can improve a person's temperament. The traditional eyebrow plastic surgery has been outdated now. Then, in order to avoid the previous tattoo scars or more pain, how to remove eyebrows tattoo safer and faster?





Laser eyebrow tattooing removal machine, which has been able to achieve the purpose of removing the eyebrows tattoo, is the use of the principle of light-induced blasting. The specific wavelengths of laser light through the epidermis and dermis to reach the lesion of pigment organizations, only playing a role in pigment particles, so only a little damage to skin epidermis or even no damage to the texture of the skin. So the skin will not leave scars. Different wavelengths of laser, you can selectively absorb the skin of the black, blue, green, brown, red, brown, yellow and other colors.


So, what attentions need to care?



1, After treatment, no any water on treatment ares, not rub, let the scab off by itself, not forcibly peeled.

2, During the recovery time, pay attention to avoid secondary infection and direct exposure to sunshine.

3, After treatment, short-term swelling and other reactions will disappear on their own.




4,Before the scabs falling off, avoid intense exercise, so as to cause infection after sweating.

5, Avoid spicy, smoke, wine, and deep-colored foods such as: coffee, Pepsi and so on.

6, Pay attention to the sun, sunscreen out to fight sunshade.


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