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To freckle removal, E-light is really good for spa?

Add time:2017-04-05


Freckles are a kind of skin problem of spots pigmentation. It is related with the season, the sun and summer ultraviolet radiation. How to remove it? What kinds of machine is the best for spa?


The e-light beauty machine is a set of epidermal cooling technology, strong pulse light technology and RF technology as one of the intelligent non-stripping system. The strong pulse light can break down the skin color, with RF energy, giving full play to break down the pigments, more better and faster to get rid of freckles.


To remove freckles, E- light beauty equipmentis is not completed just one time. It is realated with the spot color, size and areas. So, it is based on the actual situation of each person to set. In general, probably need 3-5 times, each time interval of one month.  And without effecting people's normal life and work, a best method to remove freckles.


So, if you have a spa or clinic, you must have a E-light for freckle removal.

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