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How to choose the best lipo laser body slimming machine for beauty machine?

Add time:2017-04-07


Recently, lipo laser body slimming machine is very popular in the market,especially in Europen and American market.There are different types and quality of lipo laser machines on the market.Some people feel confused that how to choose a good machine with effective result. Here, Star New Tech introduces some suggestion.


1. The choice for wavelength, single or double wavelength. Actually, double wavelength will get the better result than single wavelength.

2. Caring for energy. There are many cheaper lipo laser machines with 50-100mv energy in the market,without effective result. At fact,50- 100mv can not kill the fat cells.So, Do not blindly pursue the price, safe,quality,service,after sales and reputation of the company are the key to choose a good machine. Never for saving the cost, choosing a cheaper one, and losing the reputation from your clients.


3. For some normal salon, it is not necessary to choose many paddles. Normally, 8 big paddles and 2 small paddles are enough to treat one person. If you want to reduce the cost, you can reduce the number of paddles.

4. The choice for diodes. Some cheaper machines with using LED light to replace the diodes, then if you buy, without the fat loss result. So, caring for the diodes quality for machine.

5.Before treatment, doing some testing on person, avoiding some people have allergy for laser.



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