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What happens after lipo laser treatment?

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What happens after lipo laser treatment?

Are you bothering with fatty? Have you tired of all kinds of method to remove fat ? I am sure that you must heard about the laser lipo body slimming right ? But ist enough only rely on treatment? Do you know what should take care after the lipo laser body slimming treatment ? Here starnewtech tech company give you some tips that you should know.



After receiving laser lipo treatment it is very important that you raise your metabolic rate through exercise within the 12 hours after your treatment. This is imperative as it removes the bi-products that have been released from the adipocytes.


This exercise does not mean that you have to go to gym and do a full body work out, this is brilliant if you do as this will thoroughly help. However, as long as you work out for 20 solid minutes to break into sweat this will suffice. Some examples of this exercise could be:

- Going on a brisk 20 minute walk

- Exercise classes

- Swimming

- Short Jog

- Gym

Most importantly it is any form of cardio vascular exercise that will raise you metabolic rate.

If you do not do the exercise after having the treatment the adipocyte cells will very easily fill back up with unwanted fat! Then you will realise you have just put the inches back on that you have just lost!



2. Eating

It is important to always maintain a healthy intake of foods and water. Especially after receiving laser lipo treatment, as the water carries the free fatty acids, through the lymphatic system, through the kidneys and are then passed out of the body in your urine.


So if you decide to intake fatty foods after your treatment they will be immediately replaced in the adipocyte cells that you have just emptied, so therefore it is vital to maintain a health diet.


Here are just some examples of the foods to stay away from after receiving laser lipo treatment:

l Crisps

l Chocolate & Sweets

l Pastries

l Cakes

l Processed Foods



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