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What is the difference between OPT and SHR, do you know?

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Yesterday,one of my customers asked me what is the difference between SHR and OPT? So I think it is estimated that many people do not know the difference between them. Here I conclude some more detailed information about OPT SHR. Hope it's useful for yours.


OPT is a very advanced technology pulse light, compared with the old generation IPL, OPT can get a more effective result, Especially for skin tightening, wrinkle removal, shrink pores, it's a real sense skin rejuvenation technology.



OPT SHR has two working models with OPT and SHR, OPT is mainly for hair removal , pigment removal, acne removal and skin rejuvenation, SHR is mainly for fast removal treatment. One time OPT SHR treatment can equal 3-5 times normal IPL treatment. The traditional IPL wavelength can not penetrate too deep to the skin, so the result for pigment removal and hair removal is not so good, but SHR model with wavelength 690-950nm can penetrate deeper when hair removal treatment, OPT model with wavelength 570-950nm for pigment and skin rejuvenation treatment will be more effective.





1.Does OPT SHR real effective ?

Generally speaking we can see a result after one time OPT SHR treatment, but it also depends on the types of the Skin pigmentation lesions and also the lesions area big or small. If want to remove pigmentation lesions permanent, it need a long term process, doctors suggest at least one course.


2.How long does the OPT SHR treatment?

OPT SHR treatment require a shotter time than other treatment, usually just 15-20 mints will be finished. 3-5 times is one course, one month interval. In order to keep a better treatment result, the interval can be half one year after one course treatment.


3.Will the OPT SHR skin rejuvenation be dependency?

The pigmentation,Dark yellow skin was removed by the IPL wide spectrum energy, the collagen hyperplasia will be stimulated, Enhance skin elasticity, finally make the skin more shiny and delicate white. It is a Physiotherapy process, so skin won’t rely on the treatment.




4. Does winter suitable for skin rejuvenation treatment?

As the ultraviolet radiation is much weaker in winter, so its much suitable for IPL skin rejuvenation. The ultraviolet radiation is too strong, it will be much easy to damage the skin after treatment, especially after exposure, the skin rejuvenation treatment is not suggested. If the patients is allergy with light, or have inflammation also not suggested to do IPL skin treatment.


5.Does the OPT SHR skin treatment harmful for skin Cuticle ?

The IPL energy is very accurate, skin cuticle is transparent so it can not absorb the energy from light, so it won’t harm for cuticle, but the energy can stimulate collagen, make the skin more tighten. But the most important is to choose a professional beauty spa or clinic and a professional beauty device.


6. What is the most obvious treatment for OPT?

From up to 10 years of clinical observation, we found that the most effective for OPT treatment will make the skin reach a healthy skin standard. The skin is more clean, more moist, more flexible and shiny. You can obviously found a very clean, fine and less wrinkle face.


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