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Will laser treatment can damage our skin ?

Add time:2017-04-18

There are some people saying that laser  can remove spot effectively , but some others say laser spot removal is not safety enough, It can make the skin become thinner and thinner, even case skin cancer.  So who do we trust ? Let’s hear something from starnewtech company.


What is laser pigment spot removal ?

Laser pigment spot removal is a new technology for all kinds of spots removal, like age spot, freckle, speckle,sunburn or birth mark . Laser can highly concentrated energy, blasting the pigment inside the skin, finally the scraps will be excreted with the excretion. Then get the result of no bound , effective and no pain.


Compared with medical treatment or skin care conditioning, laser pigment spot removal is more fast effectively as it can excreted from body . Laser spot removal is minimally invasive surgery,it only can work for the area where it have pigment  spot, different lasers can get different result, not all laser treatment is no blooding ,some treatment may also have Scab after treatment, for example the Ota nevus. Besides, laser spot removal not only can remove the pigment, but laso can get the result of improve skin texture,Whitening skin and Shrink pores.


1.Will laser make the skin thinner than before ?

There are many people think the laser treatment will make the skin thinner than before , actually laser spot removal is to dilute the spot with the selective photothermal effect, it only work to the melanin of the skin, it won’t make skin thinner. Besides, laser spot removal not only can remove the pigment, but laso can get the result of improve skin texture,Whitening skin and Shrink pores.

2.Only one time treatment the pigment spot will be removed ?

The laser can not remove all the pigments spots with only one time treatment, It all depends on the skin types and pigment types, so the times of treatment is different. Usually the treatment times related with the types of pigments and treatment method and also the area of treatment.


3. It means the treatment failed if pigmentation appear after treatment ?

Some patients will think the treatment was failed when she got pigmentation after laser treatment. Actually this is normal, so after treatment it is very important to avoid exposure,eat more vitamin C then the pigmentation will be disappeared gradually.


4.Will scars left after laser treatment?

The specific wavelength can work directly to the lesions of pigmented tissue,only work to the pigment particles, so the it won’t damage the skin epidermis, so it won’t left any scars to skin.


5.Is’t enough with only one laser equipment?

Someone said with one professional laser equipment will be sure to get a good result for pigments spots removal.Actually its wrong, Only the professional doctors with professional laser device can get a really effective result.


If you want to know more about laser treatment , please feel free to consult us at We are professional manufacture for laser ipl beauty equipment with medical CE and FDA approved.


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