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How to ensure a stable customer source for beauty salons?

Add time:2017-04-18

--Beauty equipment help extension guest




According to the statistics, the survival rate of beauty salons with manual operation was only 9.6%, while the survival rate of beauty salon with high-tech beauty equipment was 86.6%. The difference between the two was 77%.




Today, for beauty spas, if you want with stable customers, the high-tech medical aesthetic beauty equipment is essential. As there are two reasons,

1. The intelligent operation of medical beauty equipment, which do not need to spend too much time and cost on the beauticians, but also to minimize the loss of technology after beauticians job hopping . Once the beautician quit, the advantage of machine’s technology will not be lost.

2. As the level of consumer demand improvement, for today’s beauty salon, if do not have beauty machines, will make customers feel relatively low grade. High-tech beauty equipment compared with the traditional way of beauty, whether it is cosmetic or cosmetic effect, have reached a higher realm.



So, what beauty equipment is the popular for beauty spa? The Star New Tech helps you,

1. It is essential machine for spa,that is the HIFU machine for face lifting, skin tightening, skin whitening and wrinkle removal.


2. The hot hydrial facial machine for skin rejuvenation, whitening is best for spa.



3. The body slimming machine lipo laser and liposunic, safe and effective, no recovery time,no effect daily life, so convenient.




4. For hair removal, of course OPT SHR and diode laser for the best.




So, after your spa with one of these beauty equipment, I believe the customer will be more and more. And then, Beijing Star New Tech is a professional manufacture for beauty machines, over 10 years clinical experience. If you have any questions for beauty machine or skin trouble, welcome to visit out official website to get more aesthetic knowledge.

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