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Questions for laser beauty treatment

Add time:2017-04-24

As we all know laser beauty treatment is very popular with many advantages , but are you sure you really know clearly about laser beauty ?


Questions1: Is only one treatment then we can get a good result?

Most need more times treatment, it all depends on what kind of treatment you want to do and the condition of the patients. Like the pigment spots removal , vascular removal ,hair removal and skin rejuvenation, generally a treatment need 3-4 times treatment, maybe some patients also need 2 or 3 treatments. This is all depends.


Recovery is a slow process, treatment is also a slow process, in another way we also need to consider is the adverse reaction problems,like scar or pigmentation .


Question 2 : Will skin become thinner and red than before?

Actually the skin will become thicker than before. Under normal circumstances, laser wont make the skin thinner , because laser work directly to the dermis, Stimulate the dermal layer of collagen hyperplasia,improve the skin structure. If the skin really thinner than before , it must because chose the wrong laser or the treatment doctor’s operation is wrong.


For some patients , it may have the redness and swelling after treatment , this is normal ,it will disappear after a few hours or a few days.


Question 3:Is laser the same with other IPL ?

Laser beauty is different from other IPL skin rejuvenation treatment. Laser can produce high energy and can be focused accurately, it is an light that have a certain penetration force, the heat of the laser will destroy the target organization and finally get the result of beauty. IPL is belongs to a range of lights, is different from the only one wavelength laser lights.


Laser mainly professional for pigmented skin disease, like Ota nevus, coffee- spot,tattoo removal or scar removal. IPL treatment is more widely used at skin flaws or ageing.


Not only to choose a correct laser beauty equipment will enough, choose a reliable beauty spa or clinic to make the treatment is also important, so please take a good care before you made your decision .If any questions please feel free to contact at starnewtech company.

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