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Does the laser freckle really hurt the skin?

Add time:2017-04-25

For freckles, many girls are helpless, the face of the spots are always come and go, go and come, it can not go forever!

It is said that laser for pigment removal is very good, which can make the pigement removal forever! But others said laser is not secure, it will make our skin become more and more thin even to get the skin cancer!

So who is right?!

To judge whether something is good or bad, first you have to know it

What is laser for pigment removal?

Laser for pigment removal is a new technology, with a high concentration of energy, the skin of the internal blasting, through the skin metabolism will be broken particles of particles excreted. So as to achieve no damage, no scars, significant effect, small pain and safe and easy treatment of good results.


The principle of the laser for hair removal

Laser for pigment removal is the use of laser instruments to launch a specific wavelength of light, these gathered high energy will break down the pigment, along with the body's normal metabolism excreted, so as to achieve freckle whitening effect. As a specific wavelength of light can only be absorbed by the pigment site, so the laser freckle will not hurt the normal parts of the skin.



Some people said laser is verr effect for the pigment removal


Compared to drug treatment, skin care conditioning, laser for pigment removal can be directly effective to remove the skin stains, and with the metabolism excreted, more effective. Laser freckle is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, only for long spot parts, different laser response is not the same, not bleeding, and some will scab, such as the treatment of brown green mole or Ota nevus. In addition, the laser freckle, not only to remove the facial spots blemishes, as well as to improve the skin, whitening skin, shrink pores and other skin effects.



For laser pigmet removal, what you are misunderstanding?

Laser will make the skin become thinner?

Many people think that laser freckle will hurt the skin so that the skin thinning, is it true? In fact, the laser freckle treatment is through the selective photothermal effect to dilute the stain, only for the skin of melanin, and will not make the skin thinner. Moreover, the laser freckle will have whitening skin, reduce the role of pores.



Only one time can make the pigment forever?

Laser freckle is not a treatment will be able to get all the spots, according to the United States who have different skin types, different types of spots, the number of laser treatment is also different, the number of treatment with the type of spots and treatment methods, with the area relationship is not big.


Appear pigmentation shows the failure for the treatment?

Some people have done laser treatment, the face of a pigmentation that treatment is failed. In fact, pigmentation is a normal phenomenon after laser treatment, after treatment should try to avoid the sun, and more to add oral vitamin C, pigmentation will gradually fade.


Laser freckle will leave scars?

Specific wavelength of the laser through the epidermis and dermis to reach the lesion pigment tissue, only play a role in the pigment particles, the skin's skin is basically no damage, so do not leave scars on the skin.

Read so much, the girls you under the total should know it, the laser for pigment removal, you did not say so terrible, it freckle effect is good, fast and safe! So, what are you still hesitating!

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