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Laser hair removal needs a series of treatment,do you know?

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Laser hair removal is a very popular in many beauty centres. Some ADs say only one time, the hair can be removal permanently. No, that is not correct. Here Star New Tech, as a with rich experience beauty machines manufacture, tells you why?


After three to seven treatments initially, most women and men report that their expectations have been met and the hair growth pattern is much, much less. In some areas, in addition to the decrease in the number of hairs, the hairs become very fine and light in color.




No laser clinic should claim that all of the hairs will be permanently eradicated. Most patients will need a touch-up 1-4  times a year to maintain the improvement.


Expect to need more treatments if you have any history of irregular periods, polycystic ovary disease, gray or white hairs, or a family history of excessive hair.


About 5 percent of patients are resistant to any type of hair removal laser. It is very important to have a realistic expectation regarding individual results of hair removal. No hair-removal system anywhere is “permanent.”

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