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Black doll Nd yag laser treatment.

Add time:2017-04-28

What is Black doll laser treatment ?

Black doll laser treatment is to apply the black Medical grade nano - carbon powder on face, and then use the Q swich nd yag laser to blast the carbon powder, finally get the result of shattered the dirt,Horny and pigments, at the same time the laser energy will conduct to the dermis, Stimulate the renewal and vitality of skin cells,Stimulate the activity and repair capacity of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, finally get the result of  shrink pores,remove blackheads,skin whitening and wrinkle removal.




What treatments can black doll laser do ?

l Skin whitening: remove pigments, Improve skin color,Increase the elasticity and luster of the skin;

l Delay skin aging: Remove wrinkle and fine lines,Nourish the skin;

l Improve skin:Promote the essence of liquid, skin care products are better absorbed



Who is good to do black doll laser treatment ?

1.Large pores skin types;

2.Oil secretion too high acne skin types;

3.Dark yellow dull skin types;

4.Relaxed skin, face fine lines skin types;

5.Rough skin, with chloasma skin types;

6.Superficial pocked skin types.


Precautions after treatment :

1.After black doll laser treatment , the skin care products contain Acid,alcohol and exfoliating cant be sued within one week.

2.Should take a good care for sun exposure after treatment.

3.The skin may appear redness after treatment, this is normal, it will disappear in about one week.


Usually we suggest more than 5 times treatment ,2 weeks interval to consolidate the result. If you have any other questions about the q switch nd yag laser for black doll treatment , please feel free to consult at Beijing Starnewtech company.


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