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After hair removal, protection is more important

Add time:2017-05-08



OPT hair removal beauty equipment is the use of selective light and heat principle, by adjusting the wavelength of light, the beam will penetrate the skin surface and absorb by follicles . By selecting the absorption of OPT light energy, destruction of hair follicles to lose hair regeneration capacity, and meanwhile not damaging the surrounding tissue. As the process of hair follicle damaged is irreversible, OPT light hair removal can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.




 But after hair removal, there are some notes you must be care :


1, After hair removal, the skin can not be exposed in the sun.

2, Avoiding to take a bath, sauna and use too hot water washed off the hair of the skin

3, Don’t eat spicy or strong irritating food.

4, No other ways hair removal, whether physical or chemical methods, or may lead to dermatitis, leading to pigmentation.

5, Vitamin C can improve skin resistance and reduce pigment production,so more some vitamin C.

6, Do not squeeze, pressure, rubbing the skin where the red dot.

7, If possible, don’t use clean products or skin care products, reducing the burden on the skin.


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