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A special laser hair removal machine, applying to all skin colors

Add time:2017-05-09




From the ancient to nowadays, removing unwanted hair is still a important sign of fashion and beauty. That is why there are so many hair removal methods developing. Times in progress, and hair removing technology is also progress. Laser hair removal has appeared since 20’s, and after so many years, it has been growing.




We all know that not every skin color is suitable for laser hair removal, in fact, laser hair removal is best for light skin and dark hair. So in order to meet the needs of aesthetic market, there is a special laser machine appeared to remove different skin color hair.




Star New Tech new laser hair removal machine 755+808+1064nm diode laser hair removal machine is suitable for any color skin hair removal. This machine connects 3 different wavelenths to cater to different requires for hair removal. 755nm is realatively short wavelength, which is effective on patients with lighter skin, and 1064nm with longer wavelength, it works well on darker skin people.





So, this is a great machine to use for spa, clinic and beauty center. And meanwhile, this machine with advanced operation system, two operation mode, intelligent mode and expert mode. If you don’t operate laser machine,this is ok, intelligent will help you. If you are a expert on laser machine, you can use our expert mode to adjust the parameter you want.




If you are interested in this machine, welcome to comments. And if you want to more information about the beauty machine, welcome to visit our offical website


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