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LED Beauty Instrument

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To customer

Thanks you to choose our products, please read this manual carefully before using, correctly grasp the product usage and is familiar with the need to pay attention to matters, taking advantage of its superior performance and to avoid possible product fault and personal injury. After reading, please keep it for future reference.



3D magic is a advocate natural beatuy instrument, using high-tech optical technology combined with traditional Chinese medicine massage is clever beauty products, this article make full use of leds emit far infrared specific wavelength light efficiency and stone needle microcirculation function and the precise targeting of facial point massage, realize the muscle muscle.

Stone needle acupuncture point vibration massage: improve microcirculation and alleviatethe facial aging;

LED red light(630-680nm wavelength), activate the collagen regeneration, enhance skin elasticity;


LED blue light(410-590nm wavelength), restrain acne, repair the damage;


LED yellow light(540-590nm wavelength)adjust the cell activity, gradually fade freckles;


3D electrotic vibration mask: facial lift, firming skin, perfect curve of the face;

Advocate natural, green,safe, no side effects.






Target user

This product is suitable for 18 to 55 years old people, according to different skin problems can be used with response to nutrients.


Important notices

1. THis produce is suitable for face use;

2. If there is any abnormal when using this mask, please stop using immediately and consult your doctor;

3. High blood pressure, heart disease or wearing a rhythm of the regulator do not use this product;

4. This product can not be used in implanted silicon rubber, metal and other foreign bodies in the surrounding skin;

5. Physiological period, pregnant women or infectious diseases do not use this product;

6. Fever, acute disease, serious illness, after the operation, the part of the skin disease, tumor site, excessive fatigue circumstances can not use this product;

7. The beauty products to regulate equipment, please do not for the purpose of medical effect, the person who are treated owing to other beauty project, please ask your doctor before use this project;

8. Due to cosmetic surgery or botox injection, please use this after 6 months of the surgery;

9. Please use the product distribution of power adapter;

10. This product is prohibited to repair, remove or modified.



Method of use

1. Dry after clean the face, the 3D nagic beauty instrument, hereinafter referred to as 3D electrotic vibration mask fixed on the face, adjust a good place after fixed elastic.

2. Through 3D electrotic vibration mask of power cables and equipped with the power source controller via USB connection;

3. The product through the power source controller button, switch the mode control: red, blue and yellow, three working procedures, through the button switch, in circulation, for skin care and cosmetic work, work status for microcomputer automatic program:

Pragram 1: red light model for 20 minutes: white skin and skin rejuvenation;

Pragram 2: blue light model for 20 minutes: acne removal;

Pragram 3: yellow light model for 20 minutes: pigment removal.

The product will stop automatically after 20 minutes working( in the treatment if you want to stop, just keep pressing switch for 3 seconds, it will turn off), after one light, please stop 10 minutes, then go to another light treatment. Every light has different functions, please choose the right light according to the client skin.


Important notices

1. The 3D electrotic vibration mask use stone needle, stone needle for natural energy, after carefully cut grinding, and the silicon mask seamless adhesion, in use process, such as stone needle from silicon mask, just back to the original point, glue them;

2. This product can not put wet place, overlying, can not use alcohol and chemical detergent cleaning; do not let water into the power controller;

3. This product is not waterproof, do not use product placement water cleaning;

4. This product is a precision electronic products, please do not placed in as strong magnetic field or plant enviroment;

5. Please do not make contact with any corrosive solution, otherwise may cause poor appearance or function.



















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