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Why choose thermo lift for skin lifting?

Add time:2017-05-19


Thermo-lift is the latest achievement in the domain of medical technologies in the Western countries market of cosmetic industry. This is the third millenium technology that has made a revolutionary breakthrough in therapeutic cosmetology and brought unique results in the area of rejuvenation without surgical intervention.

Thermo-lift is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation technology with the use of radio-frequency energy , based on synergistic effect of the radio-wave radiation and vacuum pressure. The new technology is introduced to help withering skin to regain elasticity. Under the radio-frequency influence collagen fibers of the skin twist, which conduces to a deep lifting effect with the additional synthesis of new collagen. Skin is given a momentum for regeneration and rejuvenation. Owing to this, the tightening effect gets more pronounced and long-lasting.



l Effective skin tightening and reduction of creases and wrinkles;

l Absolute safety;

l RF energy is directed straight to the layers of dermis (due to the bipolar system, radio waves do not spread around the whole body the way they do in the monopolar systems, staying within the area of the interference;

l Combination of the radio radiation & vacuum pressure;

l Painlessness is controlled at every step of the procedure owing to the unique FACES technology.





Skin lift:

l Facial skin laxity

l Lines and skin overhangs on the face, neck, arms & in the abdominal area


Wrinkle reduction:

l Around the eyes

l On the chin

l In the area of nasolabial triangle

l Strengthening of the facial contours


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