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How to remove lip hair ?

Add time:2017-06-08

Lip hair makes women look lose gracefully, more masculine, gives a strange feeling, the image will be affected. Lip hair is more difficult to deal with the parts of the face, small, often makes it difficult to lay their hands on. If using a regular shaving, also stimulates hair growth. Now OPT-freezing fast hair removal, lip hair removal effect state is now easily resolve their problem.


What is the advantages of OPT hair removal?

1, Hair not relapse. Based on the OPT-freezing hair removal device, through the surface of the skin, which deeper hair follicles, do not rely solely on the hair shaft transmission, so works better than ordinary laser hair removal, had a good effect on fine hair. Heat burns the hair follicle, completely unique effect.


2, hair removal fast, cool and comfortable. Sapphire-cooling systems, local skin cooled to 5 degrees, effectively protect the skin from heat damage and increase energy, enhance the effectiveness, and increase their absorption of solar energy by 30%-40%.


3, the effect of State, no down time. Hair removal can function in different parts of the freezing point and the depth of the hair follicle, quick removal of any part of the body and the depth of the hair. Go, time is short, and does not affect the life.


4, health and safety, no side effects. According to the principle of selective photothermal, only hair and hair follicle tissue, without damaging normal skin and sweat glands, do not affect sweating, not scabs after treatment, no complications.


If you want to know more about OPT SHR hair removal device , please feel free to contact us at starnewtech com , we are a real manufacture with 10 years experience with medical CE & FDA approved, choose us you will get reliable machine and quality service.


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