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Doctor Answers tell you Is It Safe to Laser the Bikini Area?

Add time:2017-06-20

Is there any danger or side effect? How painful? Do I need use anesthesia cream ? How long does it take to complete the entire area?

Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Area


Kent V. Hasen, MD:

Laser hair removal can be very safe for removing unwanted hair in the bikini area.  It is vital to choose an experienced provider who has a laser to work with your skin type.  Typically, patients need 5 treatments to experience an 85% improvement in the thickness, amount, and texture of the treated hair.  Treatments are performed monthly.  Most patients receive 9-11 treatments to obtain maximal results and may still require touch up treatments over time.  Remember, laser hair removal is not permanent.  

Our office uses a laser that causes very little discomfort, so numbing cream is not typically needed.  The bikini area can typically be treated in less than 15 minutes.  Your provider should offer a thorough consultation and answer any questions you have regarding the procedure.  Best of luck!  When performed properly, laser hair removal is an excellent solution for unwanted bikini hair.



Michael Law, MD :

Laser hair Removal on the bikini area for men and women CAN be safe. In My Raleigh, NC laser hair removal center, we perform thousands of laser treatments each month.  Bikini laser hair removal is popular with men and women The wrong laser for your skin type, or IPL may result in a burn of the skin. It is important to select a physician with multiple lasers so light and dark skin can be treated.  Starnewtech company is a good coice, experience also matters when selecting a laser hair removal provider.



Steven H. Williams, MD:

This area can be treated quickly and safely in about 5-10 minutes. The laser feels like a hot rubber band snap. Most lasers have some type of calling mechanism to reduce the discomfort and the treatment is so fast that it is over before you know it. If you can tolerate waxing the bikini area, then you will likely be able to tolerate laser hair removal at the bikini. Go in for a consultation to obtain more detailed information and find out if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal.


Jeffrey W. Hall, MD:

Assuming you are referring to laser hair removal, it is quite safe to laser the bikini area.  If your skin is dark, make sure you find a provider that has a laser safe for darker skin.  It usually takes 6-8 treatments to see permanent hair reduction.  It is okay to use numbing cream at the treatment site before the procedure to minimize pain if you are concerned.  Just be sure it is thoroughly removed before the procedure.



Todd Minars, MD:

Yes it is safe to do laser hair removal in the bikini area. This is one of the most common areas we treat and it does very well because the hair in this area tends to be coarse and dark (and that is the type of hair that responds best to laser hair removal). Expect to do at least 5 or 6 treatments spaced at least one month apart. Expect excellent results, but not perfection (you will not get rid of every last hair, but you will get dramatic improvement).





Totally dear friends, Laser for the Bikini Area is safe, please do not worry more. Beijing Starnewtech company is a real manufacture for medical aesthetic machines, we have vertical and portable 808nm diode laser for hair removal, if you are interested, please contact with me, I will be very happy to tell you more.



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