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How lipo laser works and why our lipo laser's feedback is so great?

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Many people begin to pay attention to weight loss, and some people ask me how to make body slimming quickly, just like this picture, when you make photos, you are slim but after that, you do not control yourself and eat much in everyday, so that result in the fat body! Another reason for becoming fat is your “lazy”, but I believe that as long as we have perseverance and determination, we can keep a sliming and beautiful body!

The most important method to keep it is eating less and exercising more, but we are so busy with our work, just this can not achieve our goal, so we need some machines to help us! Today I want to introduce our lipo laser to you.


How It Works

Body by Lipo uses low level laser therapy technology that mimics the body’s natural metabolic process to provide a painless and non-invasive alternative to surgery. During each treatment, the laser energy safely penetrates your skin at a specific wavelength targeted for adipose cells---otherwise known as fat cells. These adipose cells are permeated, releasing their triglyceride content so that the body may utilize them as an energy source. As the adipocytes release these triglycerides into circulation their size diminishes, resulting in effective body contouring and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.



Laser energy safely penetrates a clients’ skin at a specific wavelength (658 nm) targeted for adipose (fat) cells. Adipose cells are permeated releasing free fatty acids (FFA’s), water and glycerol. Together these compounds are known as triglycerides. Triglycerides are normally released from fat cells when the body needs energy. Once released, the glycerol and free fatty acids are used by the body as an energy source. Adipose cells “shrink” significantly, resulting in inch-loss for clients.


Common Questions

What happens as the laser hits the fat cell?

Laser permeates the external membrane of the fat cell, inducing lipolysis.


Where does the glycerol go?

The glycerol diffuses throughout the body in the bloodstream and is passed in the urine. Additionally, glycerol is converted by the liver as energy which is burned off during the whole body vibration plate session.


Where do the free fatty acids go?

Once the free fatty acids are released into the interstitial space, it is being processed by the lymphatic system which gets forced to the kidneys and liver to be processed.


What actually happens to the fat?

The fat cells are undamaged, but due to the reaction of the laser light on the cell it will empty the contents. The contents consist of water, glycerol and free fatty acids. Following a treatment the Glycerol or sugar is rapidly absorbed by the body. The water carries the free fatty acids through the lymphatic system, through the kidneys and are then passed out of the body in your urine.


More water, glycerol and free fatty acids spill out

Mechanism of Action

Wavelength of 650nm and 940nm, 650nm red laser is just in human eye color of the visible spectrum, but the 940nm red laser can not be seen by our human eyes, it can see by the camera( except iphone) , this 2 wavelengths can be used at the same time, the 940nm can permenate deeper than 650nm. Experimentally and clinically proves that by using 940nm wavelength, it could reach to adipose layer and gives a effective fat dissolving; With 650nm wavelength, it could help body to give a systemic Lymph detoxification and accelerate haemal circulation and metabolism.


Safe & Effective Inch-Loss Treatment

The laser was designed to specifically address body contouring through inch-loss. Administered in relaxing 10-20 minute sessions, the laser provides inch-loss, but without the pain, risks, or the extensive recovery time associated with surgery. By directly targeting subcutaneous adipose cells (or fat cells), Lipo Laser offers a safe and effective inch-loss solution that can be applied to multiple problem areas.


The laser is a 100% non-invasive, low-level laser system, designed specifically for inch-loss and body contouring. Rather than a painful incision, we use laser energy to safely (and painlessly) penetrate the skin and target specific adipose (or fat) cells. It is through this targeted process that the laser is able to stimulate fat cells into releasing water, free fatty acids, and glycerol. Having released these primary constituents; water, free fatty acids, and glycerol (often referred to as triglycerides), the fat cells reduce their overall size, significantly resulting in inch-loss for clients!


“The laser targets fat in many areas of the body including the Waistline, Abdomen, Upper, Mid, & Lower Back, Buttocks, Thigh Areas, Arms & Underarms, as well as Chins.”


Laser Body Contouring: Shrinking Cells

A noninvasive alternative to traditional liposuction, laser body contouring relies on light rather than scalpels. During the procedure, a technician applies special pads to the body or moves a hand-piece over the skin. The device directs laser energy into the fat cells, causing them to rupture and release their liquid contents through a temporary pore in the cell membrane. The body then naturally disposes of the released matter—most likely through the lymphatic system. As the fat is burned by the body’s metabolism over the next few weeks, the treated area may appear more contoured, though results aren’t comparable to surgery and progress is measured in inches rather than pounds. (Since the cells are emptied, not removed, they’re not immune to later weight gain, either.) All this takes place well below the surface of the skin, and no downtime is required typically.


The first low-level body-sculpting laser was actually used as a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, traditional liposuction. Low-level laser therapy had been used for some years as a treatment for pain and inflammation when a team of Colombian plastic surgeons led by Dr. Rodrigo Neira decided to use it to make incision-based liposuction more comfortable. When they applied the laser before treatment, they discovered that it made the fat far softer and easier to drain, prompting Neira to develop a system for standalone body-sculpting use.


So why our starnewtech Lipo laser feedback is so great?



1.New design, its wavelengths 650nm and 940nm can work together, and they also can work independently. 650nm enhances metabolism, 940nm go deep into the skin, the two wavelength collaborate harmoniously to lose weight efficiently. Some other company machine just has 1 wavelengths;



2.Japan Mitsubishi imported diode laser lights . 16, 20 or 26 diode laser lamps on each  pads for your options.

3.Unlike others who use low price diode laser lamp(or LED lamp) with not enough effective result, we imported Japan Mitsubish best Diode laser lamp which can each lamp provide 209 mw ,So Compared with 100mw in the market ,our 209mw of each lamp will more effective to fast weight loss.



4.Germany imported high quality electronic board, every pad has its own power source and air cooling system, which is convenient to maintain, and prolongs lifespan of diode lasers.There are 6-14 pads for your options .



5.The pads can be connected tightly by bandage, which is more effective to lose weight.



6.First company develops IC card control system ,which is easy to control the total treatment time of machine.




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