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Why choose picosecond laser for tattoo removal?

Add time:2017-08-02

The invention of laser tattoo removal technology has completely revolutionized how tattoos are removed. Unlike earlier methods of tattoo removal, which involved acids, surgeries, and some serious scarring,  lasers are far more effective and safer than any other method of tattoo removal.

There are different types of laser technology: Old lasers are what is known as nanosecond lasers. Then there is the more recent picosecond technology. The difference between nanosecond and picosecond technology is the speed at which the laser pulses to break up the ink underneath your skin.


Faster pulse = More Effective Removal and Dramatically Faster Results.

Picosecond technology is not only faster than nanosecond technology, it is also more efficient. That means you will benefit from the fastest, most effective laser on Planet Earth. Picosecond technology delivers its laser light 100 times faster than nano-technology.

Here is a direct comparison between the picosecond and nanosecond types of laser tattoo removal technologies.


Picosecond versus Nanosecond Laser Tattoo Removal:

Starnewtech Picosure lasers use PressureWave technology to shatter tattoo ink while nanosecond lasers rely only on photothermal action (heat). Pressure waves from picosecond lasers are more effective in shattering ink particles (see photo below).


2.Starnewtech Picosure laser technology is more efficient in clearing cosmetic tattoos (multicolored tattoos, especially blue and green pigments) than nanosecond technology and other methods.

3.Starnewtech Picosure pulses are 100 times shorter in width than nanosecond pulses; hence they have a better impact and require fewer sessions.

4.Starnewtech Picosure pulses act faster (trillionths of a second) than nanosecond pulses.

5. Starnewtech Picosure technology allows a faster recovery time because there is less damage to the tissue surrounding the tattoo area, and minimizes the risk of scarring.


Tattoo removal has never been easier. Picosure laser technology can eliminate a tattoo in 6 sessions or less. About 70% of our clients get remarkable results with only 3-4 sessions.

If need any more information about starnewtech picosecond laser, you can contact at starnewtech dot com, the sales consulate will offer you the best service. 

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