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Introduction Photon Led Skin Rejuvenation: 

3PDT light is composed of 287 kinds of special medical SLD bulbs, red (640nm), blue (423nm), green (532nm), yellow (583nm) 4 wavelengths irradiated medical LED.


3PDT light Optical LLLT PDT light therapy began to recobery wound and relieve pain, recently used in the treatment of acne, skin care, postoperative recovery facilities, hair growth and obesity treatment.


Photodynamic Therapy(PDT) a skin treatment based on medical theory. It utilizes an LED light source in combination with a photosensitive cosmetic or medicine to treat various of skin problems such as acne, rosacea, redness, papules, bumps, pustule. Besides, the LED photodynamic therapy(PDT), as a new method of cosmetic technology, has been frequently used for skin care purpose. The photon energy has positive effects on skin cells. It accelerates the cell growth, improve collagen and elastin generation, promote the micro-blood-circulation and improve the overall skin condition.


Skin problems to settle: aging, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation freckle, sunburn, acne inflammation, gloomy.

How Does PDT Light Work

LED offer a totally natural, non-ablative method for skin rejuvenation.The light from the LED interacts with cells and stimulates them to produce new collagen and elastin bio light therapy.Studies confirm that the same LED energy can be used to inhibit collagen formation, 

By manipulating the wavelengths, cells can be turned on and off. 


Yellow light are used for photo-rejuvenation.

Blue light are used in the treatment of acne.

Red light are used for photo dynamic therapy, 

green Light reduce melanin cell,decreased pigment   

1. Red Light Photon Led Skin Rejuvenation

640nm wavelength and 1.6mm penetration depth

The most penetrating power, promoting recycling and increase the oxygen content in the blood, activating cells, enhancing energy efficiency, promoting collagen proliferation, improving wrinkles, effective treatment of aging, skin relaxation, relieve pain and products deep absorption. 


2. Blue Light Photon Led Skin Rejuvenation

423nm wavelength and 1 mm penetration depth

Bacteria killing,skin cleaning,cell activation,injury recovery,promoting protein-ossein composition.


3. Yellow light Photon Led Skin Rejuvenation

583nm wavelength and 1-2 mm penetration depth


Improving cell's oxygen alternation function,promoting mirco circulation, decomposing pigment, promoting lymph posion discharge, curing skin roughness, red spots and deficient circulations.


4.Green light Photon Led Skin Rejuvenation

532 wavelength and 0.5-2 mm penetration depth


Effective reduction of melanin cell,decreased pigment formation,adjustment of skin gland function, adjustment of skin gland function, reduction of grease gland excitation. 


Advantages Photon Led Skin Rejuvenation

No pain, no side effects, or downtime
Remarkably safe and effective for all skin types
Non-thermal, non-invasive, and non-ablative
Fast and convenient
Treats large areas such as the entire face or chest at once
No aftercare is needed
Compatible with other skin rejuvenation techniques
Comprehensive anti-aging skin care regimen