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  SHR stands for Super Hair Removal. It's a new technology for permanent hair removal
with a lot of advantages.What does this mean for the efficacy of the SHR therapy? The
melanin and the stem cell protein can be heated over a period of 30 seconds with a relative
low light energy and is therapy absolutely painless. Also the protein of the stem cells
is deactivated. The epidermis is protected through a skin gentle cooling method, which
provides a comfortable treatment.Thus the hair root is eliminated step by step, and
new small hairs will not grow again.The SHR method is painless to 98%. The sliding
technique "in motion" is also new,which permits a treatment in movement. The precise
setting of the handpiece is not necessary anymore, the new sliding technique represents
a breakthrough concerning permanent hair removal.


1. Unwanted Hair removal: undesired hair in underarm, lip, hairline, limb, bikini areas, etc;

2. Skin rejuvenation: remove wrinkle, whiten skin, shrink pore, remove acne, etc;

3. Pigment removal:speckle,freckle,age pigment, sunburn, birthmark, etc;

4. Vascular removal: rosacea, spider veins, bottle nose, red blood streaks, etc.



1. Two modes for option: “normal IPL mode” and “In-motion SHR mode”

2. Variety of wavelengths for option

3. KDF Filtration System, prolongs lifespan of handle and machine.

4. Intelligent self-checking system, makes detection and maintenance easier.

5. Automatic Identification System(AIS) of treatment handle, makes handle lifespan and treatment shots clearly.

6. Long pulse width, makes the treatments safer and better in results.

7. Handle crystals can be changed for different treatment functions.













 IPL Energy


 Pulse number


 Pulse width 


 Pulse delay 


 Spot Size 

  15*50mm (16*57mm)


  Imported lamp

 Contact Cooling Temperature


 Power Source

  Pure Sapphire

 Cooling System

 Water cooling +Semi Conductor cooling +air 


 Input Power



Before and after



Q1:What is the Precautions and Operating skills?

During the SHR OPT treatment, not only need to master the IPL clinical experience but also need to make sure the the energy absorb of the treatment area when use the in-motion model .The area need more energy can be repeated several times. The area no need more energy can be flashed simply .


Q2:Is the SHR OPT can do chloasma removal ?

In principle, the chloasma can be removed by SHR OPT like the IPL , But as most of the chloasma  are caused by endocrine, so the result is not obvious , can not be removed permanently. So conditioning endocrine is suggested.


Q3:How to choose a good quality SHR OPT equipment ?

Choose a professional manufacture which have the production qualification of medical beauty equipment and got a number of global certification. All the certification can prove that they have the technical support and ability to provide comprehensive after-sales service. It wont happened like other suppliers promise to offer you good service but after order it can not be honored.