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     Er: glass Laser is a nonablative fractional laser resurfacing treatment equipment. It uses a
glass laser to emit 1.535um near infrared wavelength delivered through a optical fiber to a
hand piece in which there is micro lens array to produce deferent density of microscopic 
zones (MTZs). These micro-beams create narrow ,deep columns of tissue 
coagulation that
penetrate well below the epidermis and into the dermis, while sparing 
the tissue surrounding
the columns from damage for rapid healing. 


1.Removing of fine lines and deeper wrinkles of face, neck, and striae gravidarum, and significantly   improving medium to deep wrinkles;

2.Removing inflammatory acne and smoothing our of scars;

3. Removing warts,moles, and pigmented lesions;

4.Removing age-spots and sun-spots, freckles;

5.Improving skin texture and tone;

6.Causing significant skin tightening;

7.Improving your complexion;

8.Reducing stretch marks.



1.A skin resurfacing option with little to no downtime-patients can typically return to their daily activities with minimal redness or discomfort.

2.The stratum corneum remains in place, eliminating wound healing issues and allowing
to rapid healing.
3. Fractional columns prevent unnecessary heat accumulation, as opposed to the more
painful delivery method of scanning devices.
4.Ease of treatment - It does not require topical anesthesia or dye application,
minimizing preparation and clean-up time.
5.Fractional laser treatment is safe for most skin types, which includes fitzpatrick skin
types IV and V; Asian, Indian,-Hispanic and lighter toned black skin.


Laser Type

Er Glass



MTZs Density

100,324 MTZs/cm2

MTZs Energy (Pixel)



MTZs Energy (Cutting)


Size of Microlens Array


Pulse width

Short, Long

Repetition rate

Single, 1 Hz


8.4 inch touch screen

Cooling systems

Water cooling system & air cooling system

Working period

Continuously stand-by working for 14 hours

Electrical requirements



40*50*105cm (L*W*H)

Net weight

45 kg

before and after


Q1: What is the advantage of 1540nm fractional laser ?

The biggest advantage of the 1540nm fractional laser is the fast and effective result of wrinkle removal ,shrink pore ,skin tightening and acne scar removal . No side effects, no down time ,Without hospitalization. Also can do vaginal tightening treatment with extra treatment heads.


Q2:What is the Precautions and Operating skills of 1540nm fractional laser treatment ?

Make a consultation before the 1540nm  fractional laser treatment (For example if there are contraindications),Intraoperative operation and postoperative care is very important(Postoperative care is difference for hair removal and vascular removal ).Even the new operators can operate the machine well according to the company more than 10 years of clinical experience in the operation skills.Grasp the skill of quick result and effective techniques to avoid possible damage to the skin. Specific information can consult with sales consultant.



Q3:How to choose a good quality 1540nm fractional laser equipment ?

Choose a professional manufacture which have the production qualification of medical beauty equipment and got a number of global certification. All the certification can prove that they have the technical support and ability to provide comprehensive after-sales service. It wont happened like other suppliers promise to offer you good service but after order it can not be honored.