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Lipo Laser emits low levels of laser energy, which creats a chemical signal
in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty
acids and glycerol and releasing them though channels in the cell membranes.
Experimentally and clinically proves that by using 940nm wavelength, it could 
reach to adipose layer and gives a effective fat dissolving;With 650nm wavelength,
it could help body to give a systemic Lymph detoxification and accelerate haemal
circulation and metabolism.



1. Body Slimming
2. Weight Loss
3. Skin Tightening
4. Fat Reduction



1.Lipo laser machines are 100% non-invasive, laser-based, spot fat reduction and body contouring systems.

2.New design, its wavelengths 650nm 940nm can work together, and they also can work independently.650nm enhances metabolism, 940nm go deep into the skin, the two wavelength collaborate harmoniously to lose weight efficiently.

3.Japan imported diode laser. 10, 16 or 26 diode laser lamps for each big pads.

4.High quality electronic board, every pad has its own power source and air cooling system, which is convenient to maintain, and prolongs lifespan of diode lasers.

5.The pads can be connected tightly by bandage, which is more effective to lose weight.

6.IC card control system or password control system for option, which is easy to control the total treatment time of machine.




Laser diode 650nm & 940nm


209 mw each diode laser light

Energy Level


Pulse Time


Delay Time


Treatment Time


Number of treatment paddles

6,8,10,12,14 option

Number of diode laser

16,20,26 each paddles option

Cooling system

Air cooling +wind cooling

Mode of Operation

Continues/time setting


On Board Diagnostics


Electrical Class 1, Type B applied part


Before and after


Q1What is the difference between lipo laser and cryo lipolysis ?

Lipo laser emits heat laser energy to breaking down the fat cells into free fatty acids and releasing them out of the body .Cryolipolysis relies on controlled cooling for non-invasive localised fat reduction in problematic areas of the body. The patients will feel much better with lipo laser than Cryolipolysis.


Q2:What is the Precautions and Operating skills of long pulse nd yag laser treatment ?

Make a consultation before the lipo laser treatment (For example if there are contraindications),Intraoperative operation and postoperative care is very important(Postoperative care is difference for hair removal and vascular removal ).Even the new operators can operate the machine well according to the company more than 10 years of clinical experience in the operation skills.Grasp the skill of quick result and effective techniques to avoid possible damage to the skin. Specific information can consult with sales consultant.


Q3:How to choose a good quality long pulse nd yag laser equipment ?

Choose a professional manufacture which have the production qualification of medical beauty equipment and got a number of global certification. All the certification can prove that they have the technical support and ability to provide comprehensive after-sales service. It wont happened like other suppliers promise to offer you good service but after order it can not be honored.