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The latest innovation in laser hair removal is to use the long pulse NdYAG laser,
emitting a wavelength of 1064nm. This wavelength has a significantly lower absorption
rate by the melanin then the shorter wavelengths previously used in Ruby and Alexandrite
lasers, this wavelength however does penetrate the skin deeper, therefore at this
wavelength we are able to treat a broader range of skin types including darker pigmented
skins safely and effectively.


Hair removal: 

Any area of the body for hair removal, such as hairline, hair around lip   area, beard, armpit hair, hair on arms,legs, breast and bikini area.


Vascular removal:

Capillary vessel spider vascular, Varicosity, Angioma, Nevus flammeus 




1. Ideal for the treatment of darker skin types (V and VI)

2. Sapphire cooling crystal to cool the treatment skin, comfortable and less pain.

3. 6mm,9mm two treatment tips with different energy to ensure permanent hair removal effect,  2*5mmti     p professional for vascular removal, spider veins removal. 

4. Adopting flat top square waveform technology

5. High Energy Outputs, high effect. 



Laser Type

Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser



Pulse selection 



0.5hz, single 


flat top square waveform

Pulse energy

2*5mm Tip: 100-450J/cm2
  6mm Tip: 60-260J/cm2
  9mm Tip: 10-110J/cm2

Operate interface    8 inch true color TFT touch screen 

Cooling system

air and water and TEC cooling system 

Power supply

100/110V, 50~60 Hz or 230~260V, 50~60Hz






Before and after


Q1What is the biggest advantage of the long pulse nd yag laser ?

Long pulse nd yag laser is very effective for dark skin hair removal treatment and vascular removal treatment . Effectively avoid the problem of burn the skin when do hair removal treatment for dark skin .


Q2:What is the Precautions and Operating skills of long pulse nd yag laser treatment ?

Make a consultation before the 980nm diode laser treatment (For example if there are contraindications),Intraoperative operation and postoperative care is very important(Postoperative care is difference for hair removal and vascular removal ).Even the new operators can operate the machine well according to the company more than 10 years of clinical experience in the operation skills.Grasp the skill of quick result and effective techniques to avoid possible damage to the skin. Specific information can consult with sales consultant.


Q3:How to choose a good quality long pulse nd yag laser equipment ?

Choose a professional manufacture which have the production qualification of medical beauty equipment and got a number of global certification. All the certification can prove that they have the technical support and ability to provide comprehensive after-sales service. It wont happened like other suppliers promise to offer you good service but after order it can not be honored.