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Pico-Laser instantly emits high energy, effectively crushs and
removes the pigment in the diseased tissue. The pigment rapidly
explodes and cracks when heated rapidly. The superficial epidermis
immediately pops out of the body. The deep pigmentation of the
basement tissue breaks into fine granular metabolism. It gradually
fades until it disappears.

The laser energy is strongly absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin,
while the surrounding normal skin tissue does not form any damage
because it does not absorb laser light of a fixed wavelength.


1. Tattoo Removal:1064nm: Black and blue tattoo removal

532nm: Red and coffee tattoo removal

2.Pigment Removal:Freckle, age spots, deep spots,pregnancy spots, sun spots

3.Mole Removal:Black mole removal, nevus of ota removal

4.Birthmark Removal




1.Diameter of output spot is adjustable. Doctor can get different spot size to ensure consistency between effect and target area.

2.Peak power of output pulse laser can reach to 100 MW. The pigment can be broken up much more thoroughly. In addition, the skin injury and pain are much less.

3. Evenly distributed energy make the treatment result much better, safer and less pain.

4.Red aiming beam makes operation easier and more accurate. No need to use knife cuts or abrasions. In most cases, the tattoo will not leave visible scars.



Light source

ND:YAG solid laser


755nm  1064nm  532nm  1320nm


1-10HZ adjustable

Spot size

2-10mm adjustable

Energy power output

755nm/1064nm/1320nm : 100-1200J/cm²

532nm: 50-600J/cm²

Cooling system

Water cooling+Air cooling

Power source

AC220V±10%v, 50HZ±1HZ   AC110V±10%v,60HZ±1HZ 


T5AL250V   T10AL250V   Ø5×20 

Input power




Weight (net)