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       LASER-Tech is the latest generation of Nd :YAG laser system with bigger double bar size,
higher efficiency and stronger output energy. The 1320 nm shockwave can stimulate the
proliferation of collagen and improve the rearrangement of the elastic fibers, so has the function
of rejuvenating skin and removing deep-seated wrinkles.
The 1064nm and 532nm shockwave
with huge energy can shatter the pigment particles, releasing them from their encapsulation and
breaking them into fragments which are small enough for removal out of the body. So it also can
remove the endogenous pigment, Naevus of Ota for example.


1.Skin rejuvenation with 1320nm:improve the rough skin, and enhance skin elastic, repair acne,etc;

2.Endogenous pigment: Naevus of Ota,Nevus of Ito and so on;

3.Exogenous pigment:various of Tattoo etc.



1.Changeable heads with 1320nm&1064nm&532nm.

2. Diameter of output spot is adjustable. Doctor can get different spot size to ensure consistency between effect and target area.

3.Evenly distributed energy make the treatment result much better, safer and less pain.

4. Peak power of output pulse laser can reach to 100 MW. The pigment can be broken up much more thoroughly. In addition, the skin injury and pain are much less.

5.The double big bar size with φ5 and φ6.

6.Red aiming beam makes operation easier and more accurate .



  Light source

  ND:YAG solid laser


1320nm  1064nm  532nm


  1-5HZ adjustable

Spot size

2-6mm adjustable 10mm(1320nm)

 Energy power output


 Cooling system

 Water cooling+Air cooling

Power source

AC220V±10%v, 50HZ±1HZ   AC110V±10%v,60HZ±1HZ 


 T5AL250V   T10AL250V   Ø5×20 

Input power




 Weight (net) 




Before and after
Q1: What is the advantage of nd yag laser ?

The biggest advantage of the nd yag laser is not only can have fast and effective result of all kinds color of tattoo removal and pigmentation removal . But also can do skin rejuvenation treatment .No side effects, no down time ,Without hospitalization. Also can do vaginal tightening treatment with extra treatment heads.


Q2:What is the Precautions and Operating skills of nd yag laser treatment ?

Make a consultation before the nd yag laser treatment (For example if there are contraindications),Intraoperative operation and postoperative care is very important(Postoperative care is difference for hair removal and vascular removal ).Even the new operators can operate the machine well according to the company more than 10 years of clinical experience in the operation skills.Grasp the skill of quick result and effective techniques to avoid possible damage to the skin. Specific information can consult with sales consultant.


Q3:How to choose a good quality nd yag laser equipment ?

Choose a professional manufacture which have the production qualification of medical beauty equipment and got a number of global certification. All the certification can prove that they have the technical support and ability to provide comprehensive after-sales service. It wont happened like other suppliers promise to offer you good service but after order it can not be honored.