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Instrument Principle

The cleansing instrument's silicone brush head is more in contact with the skin surface,
and the frequency of friction is higher. The cleansing effect on the skin surface of oil,
dirt, blackheads, and aging skin is much cleaner than that of our hand. After cleaning
with a cleansing device, the skin is more transparent, soft and smooth. For the exuberant
secretion of oil, skin with thick cuticles, the feeling is more obvious. There have been
research institutes that have measured the cleansing effect of the cleansing apparatus in
detail, and the cleaning efficiency is about 2 to 10 times that of our hands.

Experience multi-effect skin care,focus on detail energy
3 zones precise cleaning,soothes wrinkles, soothes skin



Product Advantages

  1. 1.Acute angle design, high efficiently and thoroughly remove the pores rubbish besides the nose and T zone.

  2. 图片1.png

  3. 2. Preferred food grade silicone, safe and clean without scratching the skin.

  4. a.png

  5. 3. Finger-like shape, flexible 20° curved surface.

  6. aa.png

  7. 4. Pass through the skin to deliver a 40° thermal massage.1.png

  8. 1.png

How to use this face cleaning instrument? 

Step 1: Apply cleanser, turn on the machine图片1.png
Step 2: Facial foundation cleaning图片2.png

Step 3: T zone deep cleaning图片3.png
Step 4: Warm massage图片4.png