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Why choose Picosecond laser, not Q-swtich?

Add time:2019-01-28


1. What is the picosecond laser used for? Why is everyone talking about picosecond?

The picosecond can be understood as an upgraded version of the traditional Q-switch, mainly dealing with Chloasma, freckles freckles, age spots, etc. Dermi and epidermis pigmentary disease, and various color tattoos, scars, rough skin, and so on.




2. The main difference between picosecond and Q-switching is that:

It is an important parameter of the laser-pulse width Pulse Width. Like the speed of a vehicle, the pulse width is critical for lasers.


Traditional Q-switched pulse widths can be as low as 4 to 5 nanoseconds, while picosecond can be as low as 450 ps and converted to nanoseconds to be less than 0.45 ns. The short pulse width has long exceeded the Q-switched laser several times.



Picosecond laser causes the qualitative change of the laser effect.

In the past, Q switch laser energy is absorbed skin pigmentation, breaking the pigmentation into very small fragments, then the body metabolizes it. Now it's not the same. This speed of picosecond laser is very fast that melanin is too late. Absorbing blasting, it will be shattered into powder after being hit directly!


WHY? Because the pulse width is short, the peak energy carried by it is high, which can be easily imagined. When the picosecond laser strikes it, it smashes even more, so that the metabolism of the body is naturally easier, and the recovery time is It is much shorter than before, and it is broken so that pigmentation is not easy to produce.


3. Can picosecond only treat pigmentary diseases?



The picosecond also has a unique skin rejuvenation function. Why is it unique? Is there not a lot of laser skin rejuvenation? There are many, but the principle is not the same as the effect is not the same.


The picosecond laser can diverge the laser into more than 100 bundles through the unique hand tools. When these lasers are applied to the skin, their pulse width is short, and the protein is directly penetrated to stimulate collagen regeneration, thus achieving the effect of skin rejuvenation.  Of course, these lasers can also break small melanin pigments to achieve a certain whitening effect. Can effectively reshape the dermis layer and epidermis layer, so that the skin becomes white and delicate again, to achieve facial rejuvenation, acne repair, scar repair, shrink pores, desalination wrinkles effect.


In addition, the photo-thermal effect of picosecond lasers can be used to whiten the skin around the eyes, stimulate the continuous regeneration of collagen, restore the firming state of the eye's skin, and improve the health of the eye's skin, thereby improving the problem of eye bags and dark circles.


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