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8 Most Popular Beauty Treatments

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This is the age of pampering yourself, and lately everyone and their mother seems to be dropping serious dollars for these new-age beauty treatments. And let me tell you, most of them feel amazing. From facials to massages, this is the list of the 9 most popular beauty treatments out there. Without further ado, here they are.



I know that a lot of you are thinking that botox doesn't feel good and it's not something that anyone would put themselves through intentionally. That's partially true, but the fact is that although botox is painful a lot of ladies see some great results and are willing to spend a lot of money for injections. If you think botox is for you, make sure that you have a great doctor and you've done your research so you know exactly what you're in for.



Remember when you were a kid and you played in the rain and the mud, and then your skin was amazingly soft? Well, this is the grown up version. Lay back, relax, and let me mud settle over your skin. It feels amazing and somewhere deep down that little kid inside of you is rejoicing for that little bit of dirty time!



Ever since HBO started coming out with shows about glamorous New Yorkers, waxing has become incredibly popular. From eyebrows to knuckles to that delicate area that no one really wants to talk about waxing, from doing it in specialist parlors to waxing at home, people are getting waxed. I personally hope it's one beauty treatment that will never lose it's popularity.



As women, we force our feet into some pretty gnarly torture devices that we like to call shoes, and most of them give a tiny peek of our toes or heels or the tops of our feet. And since we force our feet into these peep toe sling back shoes of death, we often decide to treat them with pedicures. Basically, if you've never had one stop reading and go steal your little slice of heaven. You'll see why these made the list.



This is a beauty treatment that sounds really incredibly painful and unnecessary but after doing a little research I think that might be untrue. Basically, it's not very painful and the procedure is just to remove old dead skin that's been damaged by the sun, scared, or covered in acne. So really, it's like exfoliating but to the power of about 10!



It's pretty obvious why this beauty treatment made the list. It's more relaxing than a nap, it works all the tension from your body, and it feels amazing. Plus you can get one just about anywhere. From a day spa, to a salon to a little booth in the mall!




Ok, this is a little dangerous when used incorrectly, not only can you come out with some skin damage but worse, you could come out with a serious addiction. You'll wind up orange, constantly fiening for your next hit in the bed. But, when used in moderation, tanning can be a beautiful thing!




You know that feeling when your skin is so soft that you just can't stop touching it? That's exactly what a facial does to the skin on your face. So basically, you look like an utter fool with gunk all over your face for about 20 minutes but then afterward you'll want to touch your face ALL the time!

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