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What is OPT SHR ?

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SHR (Super Hair Removal) is one of the most recent advancements in IPL/Laser. 
Our machine uses also new technology called OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology). It is quite superior as far as its ability to deliver lower energy with more efficiency.


Compared to regular Laser or IPL which fire about 2-4 beams into each hair follicle, the SHR fires minimum 10-20 beams onto each hair follicle duringeach of the treatments. It is like firing a machine-gun as opposed to using a shotgun!


Super Hair Removal OPT uses low energy levels, therefore it is painless as compared to IPL or Laser. Because of the low energy, it also severely reduces the chance of burns, even for asian skins. Super Hair Removal has a built-in cooler on its probe that cools the skin surface, preventing superficial burns and the sensation of pain. The patient will only feel a mild warmth on the skin.

OPT gives the ability to control pulse shape. While traditional IPL systems have a peak of energy at the beginning of the pulse, followed by a decline, our machine can equalize the distribution of energy over the entire pulse or over sequential pulses. This delivers the appropriate energy in the safest manner, with high efficiency and reproducible results. In clinical trials conducted on OPT generation devices, it was found that lower fluences (J/cm2) were able to attain the same level of efficacy as older technology systems. Lower effective fluences means a gentler, more comfortable, patient-friendly procedure.

SHR with OPT can guarantee the hair will not grow back, and if you do get new hair growth it is just that.. your body would have grown new hair in case of hormonal changes.. meaning a touch up ONCE a year or two is needed.






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