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HIFU Face Lifting

Add time:2019-09-05



HIFU is an advanced non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment which offers natural real lasting results, without damaging the skin surface!

This treatment targets the upper layers of the skin and dermis for collagen regeneration, via advanced ultrasound energy at the depth of 1.5mm. This is perfect for use around eye and lip areas. This treatment offer results similar to fractionated needling device services, but without the use of needles for skin penetration, avoiding any downtime.



· Refines lines and wrinkles

· Tones skin and reduces the size of pores.

· Reduces the appearance of Acne scarring

· Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

Best results are achieved with a series of 4-6 sessions at 6 week intervals.



HIFU Facelift treatment

The closest treatment to a surgical facelift. High frequency Ultrasound beams pass through the skin, to deliver precise and fractional ultrasound energy, at exactly the right depths and temperature, to stimulate both muscle firming/lifting and new collagen production, all with no damage or disruption to the skin’s surface. Consider this treatment a natural facelift. It works by the connective tissue repairing itself after be treated with the ultrasound beam.




After the treatment, you can simply go about your usual activities. With the advantage of three treatment depths (1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm), HIFU has the capability of penetrating to depths only previously possible with surgery.


Any more detail information about the HIFU lifting machine, please feel free to contact us back at starnewtech or staripl.



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