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Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

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Nail fungus is a chronic condition that impacts your quality of life and can even lead to serious health problems for patients with diabetes or immune disorders.

Nail fungus is difficult because the infection is under and inside of the nail, which makes it hard for some products to reach and destroy the infection. Products such as medicated nail polish or oral medications may be associated with side effects or serious drug interactions. Home remedies such as using bleach, vinegar, mouthwash, or household cleaners to resolve the problem are often tried but, ultimately, fail to resolve it.

Today there is significant clinical evidence to prove beyond any doubt that laser treatment dramatically improves the condition of even a severely infected toenail. As an example, in a recent study conducted on 72 patients over 3 months, follow-up showed that over 90% of the patients were cleared of all fungal infections.

The treatment usually depends on the origin of the fungal infection.  If it was at the “root” of the nail, improvement can be seen as early as 3 weeks. A continuous improvement will be gradual as the nail continue to grow out. Typically, a significant overall improvement will be seen after 3 months. As a rough estimate, toenails may take 9 – 12 months to grow out completely, and fingernails may take 6 – 9 months.



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