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Silk moisturizing mask

Net content: 25mlx10pcs

Main componentsMagnolia, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Aloe vera, Gingko, Yeast, Purslane,
                                    Ascorbic acid, Citrus fruit, Scutellaria, Sodium hyaluronate.

Effect description
Contains a unique formula to add energy to the skin, fresh and breathable, focusing on hydrating instantly instantly forms a water-locking protective layer for the skin, preventing moisture loss, and at the same time combining the silk protein through deep penetration and lipid encapsulation technology, the high moisturizing ingredient from keratin The layers are brought to the bottom of the muscles, and the active water element and the essence of the water are combined to reorganize the skin's water environment, allowing every drop of precious water to continuously nourish the entire face, and promote the replenishing trio of the ring to make the skin for 24 hours. Moisture, crystal clear, constant beauty.

Application range
Suitable for any type of skin, RF, HIFU, photo rejuvenation, and water-reducing skin use.

After Laser Treatment   Pain relief & Rejuvenate 

Chitosan Wound dressing

Specifications and models: Type A Spray: 20ml   Type B Mask: 5pc

Structure and composition
This product consists of a base lining, a medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, and a hydro-entanglement method. It is composed of non-organizational classes and anti-adhesion papers. The substrate is made of a hydroentangled nonwoven. Irradiated with a drill 60, the product should be sterile.

Function: Traumatic repair aids with hemostasis and analgesia.

1. Secondary II burns, post-healing pigmentation and scar treatment.

2.Adjuvant treatment of various wounds and wound healing after surgery.

3.IPL skin rejuvenation、hair removal,、vascular removal , fractional laser skin resurfacing、wrinkle removal、scar removal, Q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal、birth mark removal and other postoperative skin hemostasis, pain relief, repair use.