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Beauty salon manager must see: what kind of project to make money?

Add time:2017-02-15

Beauty items are varied, what kind of project can money? Whether a new hand or a manager who wants to develop beauty salon, in the choice of the project must pay attention to these four points.


First, the trend direction

To make money, first to grasp the trend, the manager should clear what to do and what not to do . On the beauty industry, you can grasp the season, such as the summer is coming, you can now grasp the hair removal products.


Second, local demand

The trend is the general direction, falling into different cities, there are differences in the region, in the selection or introduction of beauty projects, beauty salons must check the local market capacity, or potential demand.


Third, profit margins

"Profiteering" is the general impression of beauty salons, but the real business people understand that some projects can earn dozens of money, some really can not earn any money, after all, rent, labor costs so high. In the selection of beauty items, to assess the cost and pricing, beauty services are not suitable for small profits, especially for the expansion of the beauty salon, it will occupy too much human resources.


Fourth, training support

Beauty salons are typical of relying on artificial delivery of services, whether it is self or joining, on a new project, staff training must keep up. Training, including familiar with the new project (product), how to recommend with the customer, how to operate, or even if it is able to make money projects, no one to promote, implement, customers do not get a good experience.


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