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Warning prompt for laser hair removal

Add time:2017-02-15



1. Children under 16 years of age are not eligible for this treatment because the child's hair follicle and endocrine system are not fully developed.

2. The treatment times varies from person to person and from location to site.

3. Compared to dark and thick hair, treatment of yellow, red, with super-heated wax and the effect of small hair response is not obvious.


4. For newly overheated wax dispensing the patient, at least 6 months to start with treatment

5. In some cases, occasional short-term redness after treatment. In 15 minutes to a few hours will be eliminated.

6. Possible side effects include burns, pain, damage to natural skin tissue, changes in color (diminished or deepened), scars, severe edema, and skin irritation.


7. Patients should not expose the body to strong sunlight for 2-4 weeks before or after treatment.

8. Pregnant women, in order to avoid the impact of light on the fetus.

9. Diabetic patients, treatment may occur after blisters, difficult to heal.



10. A history of scars.

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