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Face lifting and wrinkle removal.

Add time:2017-02-21

Have you heard about the Thermolift machine for face lifting and wrinkle removal treatment ? If you still only know HIFU ,then you are out, the latest innovation in ultrasound and RF technologies has been come out, here are some information from Beijing Starnewtech for your reference, If need more , please feel free to consult at



1.What is Thermolift?

ThermoLift is an advanced workstation for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic enhancement. The platform combines the latest innovations in ultrasound and radio frequency (RF) technologies to deliver effective, highly customized treatments- with natural, long lasting Results. It can promote the continuous regeneration of elastic collagen through the thermal effect, and then build a new elastic fiber net, supplement the damages collagen layer. Finally get the result of wake up skin elasticity and skin tightening.


2.What is the advanced for Thermolift?


Significantly reduced treatment time;

Combined technologies for enhanced, long lasting results;

Clinically proven in extensive studies;

Fast, easy to use, plug & play technology;

No disposables.


3.what treatment can Thermolift do ?

1) Erase wrinkle tighten skin: Forehead wrinkles, eye round fine lines, neck/hands/body all kinds of wrinkle.

2) Facial contour shaping: Facial relaxation, double chin, chin brow vertical curve and brow, small eyelid tightening.

3) Systemic anti-aging slimming, shaping: Arm tightening and shaping, back tightening and shaping, breasts shaping, waist and abdomen tightening.

图片6.png 图片6.png

4.What is the advantage of Starnewtech Thermolift ?

1) New powerful focused RF, Interval heating depth focus.

2) Radar positioning and navigation technology. Stratify meticulously, layered heating, 3 layers tighten.

3) Intelligent recognition: Intelligent identification the collagen and fat, no damage to other normal tissues. 


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