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Laser hair removal VS IPL hair removal

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For hair removal, there are many methods. But laser hair removal and IPL hair removal are very popular in the market, and with the best treatment result. But do both of them have difference, do you know that? Star New Tech shares with you.

1. Treatment effect:

Laser hair removal: laser is in the near spectral infrared region, with the best absorption for melanin. Which can penetrate the deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue, and effectively removing any skin's hairs around the body. More professional and safer, without any hurt for skin. 



E-light hair removal: IPL emits varied wavelength, intense pulse and broad -spectrum. The different wavelengths take different effects on the skin. So some energy will be absorbed by other tissues, and hair removal energy reduced. So, there are more times to remove hairs.



2. Number of treatments:

Laser hair removal: laser energy is concentration, with deep penetration. Laser can be to target directly, and fully absorbed. So, only need 2-4 times.



IPL hair removallight energy will be absorbed by other organizations, with some loss. So, need 3-6 times.

In a word, according their service items, beauty spa and salon to choose the best and suitable hair removal machine for them. If you are a professional hair removal clinic, laser machine is best choice. But if you are a spa, more beauty item, IPL is the best for you. As, IPL has more skin care functions.




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