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Is HIFU treatment safety enough?

Add time:2017-02-23

Recently , the HIFU technology for skin lifting and wrinkle removal treatment is very hot in the beauty market. But there are some people still in doubt about HIFU, and yes we may heard some bad feedback from HIFU treatment. Is HIFU safety enough for us ? Here Starnewtech company summarized 2 issues that you should take care before you start your HIFU treatment :


1.Where is the machine come from?

After the popular of the HIFU , there are many many similar HIFU come out, some say there machine are imported from Korea, Japan, UK or America, but most of them are come from Informal companies, most of them are even do not have the production License. Because the real Ulthera HIFU is very expensive, the import is very strict, usually they only cooperated with some official agent. Many women dont clear with the truth, just because they offer a cheaper price then choose them to do the treatment , but finally got the result with burns skin, bruising and face asymmetry many other problems.


Starnewtech company can promise first that we are government allowed real manufacture with production License, and FDA, medical CE approved. Our HIFU is not imported from Korea directly, we only imported the cartridges and system,which is the most important for the machine and the result.


2.Who is the operator ?

HIFU face lifting and wrinkle removal is not simply a make up or skin care, only a professional equipment is not enough for us to choose them. What we also need is professional qualification and staff to operate the device. But the truth is there are many staff who is not qualified is also doing the treatment, most of them are only trained a few days then start to do treatment, they dont know about the anatomy and dont know clear about facial nerve . This is very dangerous for patients.


It is normal for us to seek beauty, we deserve a younger face to enjoy our life, But choose a reliable beauty equipment and professional operator is very important for us. What starnewtech can guarantee to you is the most safety and effective to you. We are aiming for long term development, so your trust is our greatest wish. Any questions please feel free to consult us at starnewtech.



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