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How to choose between thermage ,hifu and thermo lift

Add time:2017-02-24

Difference between thermage,HIFU and Thermo lift.

If there is one operating room with many scalpel and scissors, and there is another room with a few units of high technology beauty equipment, which one you prefer? I believe all will choose the second one right?


Now anti-aging has becoming a popular trend. You must be heard about the thermo lift, hifu and thermage, they are all Non-surgical anti-aging method. So what is the difference between them ? Here Beijing starnewtech summarized the difference for your reference.



It was launched in year 2009, compared the surgery anti-aging treatment, Thermage is very advanced at that time. But with the update of technology, it has becoming a out of date treatment. It mainly worked on dermis anti-aging, heat the skin tissue through Current, the heat effective is low efficiency and very easy to scald skin, the patient will feel heavy pain, the result is not so good. Usually the result can last 2-3 years.



HIFU technology was launched in year 2013, the disadvantages for HIFU is some customer may feel pain during the treatment, and will have the risk of facial nerve injury and facial paralysis. HIFU adopts the high intensity focused ultrasound penetrate to skin with spots, stimulate the collagen on face with the result skin lifting. Usually the result can last 2-3 years.

HIFU is more professional at lifting the the lower part on face, as there are many different kinds of HIFU with different prices in the market, choose a reliable agent is very important.



Thermo lift

Thermo lift was launched in year 2015, now its the most advanced anti-aging technology, it got approved by both USA FDA and Chinese FDA. Compared with other products, thermo lift is more safety as its heat skin by shape not spot, so it wont damage the skin.

One time Thermo lift can equal one time HIFU and Therage treatment, It can work independently to shallow dermis,deep dermis and SMAS. Thermage only can work to shallow demis. HIFU mainly work to SMAS, so the treatment result of thermo lift will be better than Thermage and HIFU.


If need more information for these 3 treatments, please feel free to contact us at Starnewtech company aiming to develop a long lasting and mutual benefit relation ship with you.


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