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What is the basic reason of skin aging?

Add time:2017-02-25



In face, the SMAS breaking is the basic reason of skin aging. Do you know what is SMAS?


SMAS is the key skin layer to support the facial skin, also named facial support.



Making a sample, if our face was a house, SMAS was the base of the house. If the base is not stable, the whole structure of the house will be moved and slant.


Because of the age, SMAS will lose the support ability graduallyand the facial skin relaxation and aging . So in order to reducing the speed of the skin aging, we need to rebuild it by some ways.



HIFU and Thermolift are good choice.



Both of them with anti-aging technology, lifting and tightening the relaxation skin. And getting the best feedback from customers and beauty spas.


But both of them have different aspects, what is it? The next text will detailed introduce the difference between of them. If you are interested in both, please dont remember to read it.


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