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Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasr for tattoo removal, we help you out with those queries!

Add time:2017-02-27

Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasr for tattoo removal, we help you out with those queries!

We know tattoo is a trend for teenagers, but also to a certain extent, affect our work life. So how do we eliminate tattoos? The best way for it is the laser method, the laser to remove tattoo is using high-tech Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasr to remove the tattoo, the advantage is: no wound after the treatoment, no special care, no infection, after it, the skin is smooth, no Scars, regardless of tattoo size, can be treated.



1:The principle

The principle is selective photothermolysis and Color complementary, we should choose the wavelengths accoriding to the tattoo color, that is to say, under ther laser light, the tattoo particles absorb the high energy instantly, make the pigment particles are vaporized and fragmented, but the cell frame can be completely preserved.


2:Will surrounding healthy skin tissue be damaged?

No. Since the laser pulse time is shorter than the thermal relaxation time of the skin tissue, this process------instantaneous single-pulse laser energy release, is completed in about a time in millionths of a second, which make the new accured heat wont delivery to the surrounding tissues, when the tattoo is eliminated, the surrounding skin will not be damaged. In the subsequent inflammatory response process, part of the pellet directly into the capillary lymphatic tube was filtered to eliminate, part of them are are swallowed by the macrophage and discharged from body along the acidic hydrolytic enzyme. While cells that have been cleared of pigment particles can be repaired soon on a more complete cell frame basis. More longer of the wavelength, more deep of the laser takes effect, and the tattoo pigmetns are all in the dermis, so the longer wavelength will impect this layer melanin, but little impection for the epidermis.


3:Why is there a red residue after dark tattoo removal treatment?

If it is not traumatic tattoo, and the use of pigments in the absence of red ingredients, most tattoos can be completely removed,and leave no trace. In general, the more metal ions in the pigment, the more times of treatment required. Clinically common to dark tattoos treatment two or three times, most of the dark black has been removed, but left the case of red pigment. The reason is mainly the pigment iron and chromium ions difficult to remove.


4:What is the standard of attention when laser treatment?

Laser treatment should pay attention to the standard to prevent overradiation. The most suitable is it appears grey white color with the punctate errhysis. After the treatment, interval 2-3 months can begin the next treatment. From the pathological section, after two to three months, the pigments are just linear together, this time the effext is the best. The theory of laser is to break down the pigment, then be absorbed by the macrophage or other channel. The good effect for the treatment, fron the  pathological section, we also can see the pigment but because it is too small, our eyes can not see it.


5: How to care it after the laser treatment?

The surface is coated with chlortetracycline ointment, keep the surface dry and clean, genarally it need not bandage, but if the surface is too big and can not expose, it need to be bandaged. Meanwhile oral the antibiotic. Please attention not to be sunburn or strenuous exercise, not to use cosmetic to prevent the pigmentation.



6:Does the laser for tattoo removal has some disadvantages?

Yes the disadvantage is expensive and time-consuming, but the advantage is little pain and little damade, women likes laser for tattoo removal.



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