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Picsecond is the latest king of freckle removal in beauty line.

Add time:2017-03-06


There are many freckle removal machines in the market, but the newest is picsecond. Picsecond combines all advantages from another freckles removal machine before, and abandoning the disadvantages, being the most popupar one in the aesthetic market. Any freckles trouble, picsecond can solve it perfectly.


Why picsecond is so popular?

The pulse width is the big difference between picsecond and traditional freckle removal machine, that is pulse duration. Each laser pulse duration (pulse width) to reach the picosecond level, acting on the pigments on the skin only at moment, Crushing it, and then removed from the body by metabolism. The dermatology doctors called it pigmented lesions terminator. Except the crushing the pigments, picsecond can stimulate the deep collagen reborned, making the skin more smooth and elastic.


More imporatantly, the safe level of picsecond is great higher than traditional. Picosecond pulse width output, soften the peak energy of a single pulse, significantly improve the treatment of comfort, effectively improve a variety of skin problems. Such as freckle removal, skin whitening,etc.


Picsecond breaks through the limited elements from traditional machine, with the fatest seismic wave removing the pigments, stimulating the collagen rebuilt,creating a new and young skin.


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