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Laser tattoo removal, how many times it is perfect?

Add time:2017-03-08


We talked about that 1064nm laser is currently the best choice for tattoo removal. And not only remove, but also without leaving any traces, then how many times it can be removed completely


Laser tattoo removal is mainly the use of light blasting principle.The high-energy laser acts on the tattoo parts, broken into small pigment particles, removing from the body by metabolism. and then to achieve the purpose of tattoo removal. The time for tattoo removal depends on the size of tattoo, as well as the depth of color. So different people with different time, without a general time for tattoo removal.          


1, Tattoo size. Some tattoos are large, which will take a long time to completely remove. Some time, one time can not completely remove tattoo. If you want to remove cleanly, having to treat more times


2, The depth of the color. For laser tattoo removal, it is easy to remove the deep color of the tattoo. But if the particles is relatively large , it will be difficult to remove. Generally, there are more times to remove the tattoo the pigment particles, so also more long time.


For tattoo removal, how many times it is needed? In general, the times for tattoo removal depends on the tattoo and the person, and sometimes even a relationship with the tattoo color.




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