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Freezing hair removal

Add time:2017-03-08

There is such a scene: the new semester, a beautiful slim and tall English female teacher, dressed in a white dress, long hair shawl, sweet smile, is very charming, at the momnent she go into the class room, she is the whole class cheers "Goddess", this is the afternoon that in which people are easy to want to sleep, but all the spirit of all eyes staring like a big lantern, myopia male students also quickly remove the glasses to wipe that slightly blurred lenses, but when the beautiful teacher make the introduction and raise her hand to write the name on the blackboard, it is simply the nightmare of all boys, the black long armpit hair, myopia male students also quickly took off their glasses, I think, this time the whole school boys only one idea : Quickly to gather together class expense to let the beautiful teacher make the hair removal.



Freezing hair removal is the currently most popular and most safe effective way of hair removal, 808nm wavelengths as the gold standard under the premise of effective hair removal, to a greater degree to release the  side-effect to skin tissue.


At the same time a lot of people worry, if this kind of hair removal will cause that the sweat gland become not smooth? This worry is redundant, because sweat glands and hair follicles are two independent organs, they do not impect each other, so after the treatment, it won’t impect the body normal perspiration.

There is another question: will it reappear after the freezing hair removal? This worry is because they are not so understand the theory og the freezing hair removal, the theory is the hair follicle absorbs the heat of the laser, then the follicle lose it’s birth normal enviroment, later it will be shrink, fall off, like the soil in the flower pot without any nutrition and water, the plant also will be die.




So what is permanently hair removal? The American FDA make the definition: after the   necessary hair removal treatment for one body part, it reaches the expected effect, and tow years later, the grow hair in this part do not beyond 10% of before, it is called permanent hair removal.

According to the growth cycle of hair, freezing hair removal generally need to do 4-6 times to fully achieve the desired effect, each treatment interval is generally about 6 weeks, you should avoid hot water shower after the treatment in that day, also avoid using shower gel and other chemical ingredients containing the cleaning, so to avoid the infection.

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