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The best freckles removal machine to beauty spa

Add time:2017-03-09


Freckles removal is the very impotant sercive for any beauty spa, so how to choose a effective freckles removal machines to spa, that is very important.

In fact, Q-switched nd yag laser machine is the best choice to spa. If economic condition is good, Q-swithed nd yag laser is the first choice. Q-switch is not removing pigments directly, but with treating skin to get the purpose of removing freckles. After treatment, no any scars and injury. And about 2 weeks, you will see the good effect.


Here, I introduce some advantages about Q-switch,

1. Short treatment time. It is very convenient to remove pigments by laser machine, only a few minutes, per 2-3 month to do one time. And actually, 7-10 days skin can recover the normal condition, without effecting people’s daily life.


2. A few treatment times. Traditional way is very complex and the effect is not very good. But Q-switch is good. Only a few times, which can get the best effect. Especial chlomasma, we all know chlomasma is different to remove.But only 3 times, laser can remove it perfectly, and never re-bound.

3. No injury for skin. Pigments removal with laser has strong pertinence, only the role of the pigment at the site of the lesion, and normal skin does not contain lesions of the pigment, so it will not absorb the laser, so it will not hurt the skin itself.


But spa can choose the machine according to their condition, IPL and e-light are also the good choice.

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