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Ultrasonic knife- facial wrinkle removal

Add time:2017-03-10


Nowadays, ultrasonic knife (HIFU) is very popular and hot in all beauty spa or beauyt clinic. Which has the best result for skin lifting and wrinkles remvoal. Not only safe and effective, but with short treatment session, no recovery time.


HIFU is a non–surgical and a non-laser procedure that directs high intensity Focused Ultrasound also known as ‘HIFU-knife’ into the deep skin layer, in order to gently heat the tissue to lift and tighten aged skin without any incisions or disrupting skin surface .HIFU techonlogy is able to transfer the heat energy into 3-4.5mm under the surface of the skin (SMAS) .it will heat SMAS up to 60-80 degree,then raise thermal coagulation point which accelerates skin rejuvenation process and maximizes tightening effect of the kin layer.


Ultrasonic knife anti-wrinkle is more comfort and convenience, won’t appear the risk of burns and scalds. Ultrasonic knife device controllable energy, avoid injury of facial nerve and treatment more comfortable, safe and more secure. And ultrasonic knife anti-wrinkle treatment, collagen is for newborn to 6 months, firming anti-wrinkle effect can sustain a few years time.


Facial wrinkle ultrasonic knife treatment does not affect people’s normal life and work, is indispensable for beauty salon and anti-wrinkle ageing equipment.


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