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Home use IPL for hair removal

Add time:2017-03-11

Summer is coming! It is time for girls to show their beautiful and white legs, so without the hair removal, how you pass through the summer my friend? Do you want to be charming like them? Do you still use the wrong method to make hair removal?



Now it is time for it! Lescolton IPL for hair removal in home, effect lasting longer, safe and perfect!



Machine for hair removal, how to choose?


 The cartride is the hardware core to achieve the hair removal technology, more higher of the energy is, more fast and better the effect is. even if the number of cartridge shots is higher, no high energy output, the hair follicle can not completely fall off, so can not achieve the ideal hair removal effect.



Cartridge proportion: just 4.5cm² is the suitable

If the cartridge proportion is too big, the opperation will not flexible;

If the cartridge proportion is too small, it will time-consuming.

LESCOLTON cartridge proportion is suitable, time - saving and fast.




         LESCOLTON                      Market other machine

30 minutes for body hair removal             60 minutes for body hair removal

          Energy: 6J/cm²                      Energy: 4J/cm²


Are you still hestitating? Contact with us and get it home!

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